I feel kinda BAD today.

"I feel cranky and pubescent today,
And I just don't know why.
I'm gonna take it out on people I like."

Quote from Potter Puppet Pals 

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I love you...

I love you as certain hidden things are loved,
secretly, between night and soul.

I love you without knowing how, whence, when.
I love you truly, without doubts, without pride,
I love you so, and know, no other way to love,

none but this mode of neither You nor I,
so close that your hand over my chest is my hand,
so close they are your eyes I shut when I sleep.

(P. Neruda)

Every breeze that blows
brings your scent to me;
Every bird that sings
calls out your name to me;
Every dream that appears
brings your face to me;
Every glance at your face
has left its trace with me.
I am yours, I am yours,
whether near or far;
Your grief is mine, all mine,  
wherever you are.


♥  I love you   

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Cosa darei...

(Was wirst du geben um in einem Märchen zu leben?)

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Einfach geil <3



Now here I go,
Hope I don't break down,
I won't take anything, I don't need anything,
Don't want to exist, I can't persist,
Please stop before I do it again,
Just talk about nothing, let's talk about nothing,
Let's talk about no one, please talk about no one, someone, anyone

You and me have a disease,
You affect me, you infect me,
I'm afflicted, you're addicted,
You and me, you and me

I'm on the edge,
Get against the wall,
I'm so distracted,
I love to strike you,
Here's my confession,
You learned your lesson,
Stop me before I do it again

You're clear - as a heavy lead curtain want to drill you - like an ocean,
We can work it out, I've been running out, now I'm running out

Don't be mad about it baby,
You and me, you and me,
I want to tie you, crucify you,
Kneel before you, revile your body,
You and me, we're made in heaven,
I want to take you, I want to break you,
Supplicate you, are incurable,
I want to bathe you in holy water I want to kill you,
Upon the alter, you and me, you and me 

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Uiii da gehen wir hin <3

Da gehen mein Schatz und ich heute hin : D
Bin schon total gespannt, sowas hab ich noch nie gesehen!
Die Ausstellung ist bestimmt fantastisch : D
Ich kann dem, der das jetzt liest, auch nur raten
mal hinzugehen.
Ich denke nicht, dass man sowas alle Tage sehen kann!
Also ich mach mich dann mal fertig.
Bald kommt mehr von mir.

Die verrückte Autorin.
Ja, ihr kennt sie.

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